Vegas Keno Free is Crazy Fun|Exciting|Incredible

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Vegas Keno is a mobile version of Vegas style Keno, one of the oldest lottery style games played in casinos.

Kenogames Free Card has numbers from one (1) to eighty (80). Select a wager amount, and select what numbers will be drawn by selecting one or as many as fifteen of those numbers on the Kenogames Free Card.

After clicking on the Play button, twenty of the numbers are randomly drawn and highlighted on the Keno Card. The more numbers that are correctly guessed, the more you win.

Vegas Keno Rules

Playing Kenogames Free is easy.

  • Select your wager amount
  • Select one to fifteen numbers on the Kenogames Card or choose Random button to randomly select numbers.
  • Made a mistake? Just select the number again and it will no longer be selected.
  • Paytable adjust as you choose numbers. $bull; Select the Play button
  • Twenty (20) numbers will roll out in random.
  • Guess enough numbers right and collect your winnings!