Star Spangled Slot Machine is Crazy Fun|Exciting|Incredible

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Star Spangled Slot Machine is a highly enjoyable single line Slot Machine with a patriotic theme for android devices. It is the perfect slot machine to play when you are looking for a quick casino game to play.

With Star Spangled Slot Machine on your phone or tablet you can enjoy a realistic Slot Machine experience. Play 1-3 credits, swipe right or left to see settings, swipe up or down to see the slot machine payout table. Whenever you get a win a fireworks show will erupt!

Features include: Bonuses Luck Loser +50 Credits Lose 10 spins in a row 100 Spin Bonus + 100 Credits Have 100 spins in a single session 1,000 Spin Bonus +1,000 Credits Awarded for every 1,000 spins in a session 10,000 Lifetime Spin Bonus + 10000 Awarded for every 10,000 Lifetime spins

Achievements First Win Achieve your first winning Slot Machine spin Jackpot Score your first jackpot slot Streaking Win 3 spins on the Slot Machine True Patriot Get Red 7 on first Slot Machine reel, White 7 on middle Slot Machine reel and Blue 7 on last Slot Machine reel Bar None Get three Triple bars on the Slot Machine Reels Bad Run Lose 10 Slot Machine spins in a row Dedicated Get 100 Slot Machine spins in a session On Fire Win 8 Slot Machine spins in a row Leader boards