Fifteen Pay Deluxe Slot is Crazy Fun|Exciting|Incredible

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Download today and experience an authentic Vegas styled slot machine! Welcome to one of the best Vegas Slots on the market. Fifteen Pay Deluxe Slot Machine (15x) pay slot machine will have your excitement through the roof. Enjoy the Gorgeous graphics and the ear tingling sounds. If you miss Vegas this Penny Slot Machine game is the one for you. 15 pay slot machine is true to the vegas spirit and helps pass the time when you have a slot machine itch. So if your your Looking for a REAL slot machine that you can actually play and have fun this one is for you! Come hit the jackpot slots!


  • Bonuses awarded frequently
  • Authentic Vegas feel
  • Big Jackpots
  • Loose slots
  • Realistic sounds
  • Match mini-game with jackpot up to $10,000 or several free SPINS!!

So come enjoy the excitement of playing your favorite slots in the casino!